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How Bridge to Grace Ministries was BORN.

It all started June 2014, I was in Nicaragua on a Business trip, with me was my then 10 Year old son Edward. During my free time I would go and minister at local churches, then I was invited to give a greeting word at ministers conference. When I started to speak the Holy Spirit got a hold of me and after the conference Pedro Pablo Rojas (he was then AG Missions Director of Nicaragua) said that he wanted to meet with me. We met next day June 12th at a coffee shop and he said “God has brought you to Nicaragua and what is your vision for our country and how can I help you”  When he said that I heard a Voice that said “SPEAK”   At that moment something amazing happened, I received an understanding what I should do, the vision and I began to speak it.

The revelation and vision that I received at that coffee shop has completely changed my life and gave a major push to start a ministry.

Few month later September 2014 I returned back to Nicaragua and had invited my Dad (Andrey Semenyuk, my father in law (Viktor Limonchenko)  and two of my brothers (Nick & Yuri Semenyuk) to come.

I arrived few day earlier and on September 19th I had a scheduled meeting with Nicaraguan Assemblies of God Superintendent Saturnino Cerrato to ask him for his blessing. While I was sitting in the office I already had a name in mind for ministry, then all of the sudden I received a text message from my wife “what do you think about naming ministry Bridge to Grace. So I asked Saturnino and gave the ministry name options and he told me that I should listen to my wife, because that was a really good name. That is how the name Bridge to Grace Ministries was born.

September 24th, we were invited to meet with the Board of Directors of Nicaraguan Assemblies of God, talked to them about our vision and asked for their Blessing. During trip we were also invited to speak about our ministry on local Christian TV station.

Ever Since we have been working in Nicaragua!

Alex Semenyuk

President & Founder

Bridge to Grace Ministries has been serving the Jungles and remote corners of Nicaragua Since 2014


Being obedient to our calling is our focus

There is nothing that remotely approaches, in terms of excitement, satisfaction and fulfillment, then to be an instrument in the hands of the Almighty God to do His work.