Custom Built 29ft Aluminum River Boat

The Breakdown:

  • Aluminum boat 29′ x 6′
  • Yamaha / Honda 50hp +/- Outboard Motor
  • Partial vinyl roof for passengers
  • Vinyl cover for cargo


The majority of our work is done with the Miskito people along the Rio Coco River. They live in the most remote corner of Nicaragua. It’s extremely difficult to get there. The journey starts by driving our ministry vehicles for up to 18 hours non-stop, on little to no roads to Waspan. Waspan is the city on the coast of the Rio Coco River. 

Once in Waspan, we rent boats. We load the boats with supplies and evangelical tools such as food from Convoy of Hope, clothing, shoes and The Jesus Movie. Then, we travel down the river for 6 more hours to Sawa.

In Sawa we set up a temporary base at our ministry partners’ Seek the Lamb facility. From there, we travel by boat to different Miskito communities up and down the river, sharing the Gospel. The entire day is spent ministering and reaching these people. Every day we load and unload the boat with vital supplies for each community. In the evenings, we play the Jesus Film and after, in complete darkness, we return back to the base in Sawa. 

Reliable boats and engines are a complete necessity to reach the remote Miskito people.


  • Custom Boat Dimensions: 29 feet long, 6 feet wide; the boat will be able to handle up to 7,000lbs. 
  • Materials will be shipped from the United States. The boat will be built in Nicaragua by a U.S. engineer and missionary; he has built these boats in the past.
  • This boat size requires a minimum of a 50hp (horsepower) outboard engine. We are currently looking at Honda and Yamaha models.
  • The outboard engines are the most expensive part of this project. Outboard motors of 50hp run around $7,000 and up. (During dry season, the water is extremely low and the river is shallow —  Jet Drive would be highly recommended, but they are even more expensive.)

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