Missions Trip with BTGM –  First Step

Thank you for your interest in Missions Trip to Nicaragua.

We are privileged to play a part in helping you find a place in the work of the Great Commission.

God calls people from many walks of life If you are wondering if he can use you, the answer is yes.

We are grateful you’ve chosen to consider opportunities with us. Bridge to Grace Ministries will help you to discover your calling.

In order to determine if we might be the right fit for you, first consider the following questions:

  1. Do you have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
  2. Are you actively involved in a local church community?
  3. Are you seeking to share the gospel and disciple others?
  4. Are you willing to raise your own financial and prayer support?
  5. Are you 16 or older?



The Bridge to Grace Ministries Code of Conduct applies to short-term teams, interns, as well as long-term missionaries.

To help you clarify some important considerations, we have listed some points below that we require for all mission participants.

  • As a volunteer/team member, I realize the important role I play as an example to those in the United States and abroad.
  • I understand that I represent not only my local church, but also the missions program, the United States, and the Church of Christ. My conduct will show respect to God, Bridge to Grace Ministries, its missionaries and the national church that I will be ministering to.

A Willing and Flexible Attitude

  • You must be willing to submit to the BTGM leadership
  • You must be flexible and able to accept changes to plans and schedules.

Work & General Participation

  • You must be willing to accept and perform all duties assigned to you, without complaining.
  • You must inform leadership about any physical limitations that may hinder you, or others around you from performing their assigned duties safely.
  • You must be willing to participate in Bible studies, devotions, prayer meetings and church meetings as requested by leadership.

Respect and Cooperation

  • You must be willing to respect and cooperate with others.
  • You must have an attitude of willingness to serve the needs of others before yourself.

Cultural & Spiritual Sensitivity

  • You must show cultural sensitivity regarding dress, speech and actions.
  • You must abstain from any alcohol or tobacco use while in the areas where Bridge to Grace Ministries minister.


  • You must be willing to keep leadership informed about your whereabouts.
  • You must not take any illegal substances.
  • You must inform leadership about any mind-altering medications subscribed to you by a doctor and must be in original container prescribed with a label.


    1. Furthermore, I promise to comply with the following rules. These rules are necessary since I am God’s ambassador in a different country and culture unlike the US.
    2. I will be wearing clothing appropriate to the culture of the country during my whole trip.
    3. I commit to follow the directives of Bridge to Grace Ministry leaders in a willing and cooperative manner.
    4. I commit to put Christ first and set aside my own personal agendas in order to reach the team objectives.
    5. Since our focus is to minister to people, I will not get involved in any romantic relationships while I am on this trip. The reason for this commitment is because we do not want to get distracted from our work and so we are willing to refrain from all such relationships until I come back home.
    6. I commit to serve people, guard the unity of our team, submit to leadership, pray, study the word of God, expect the miraculous, and work hard, long days on this trip, allowing God to work in my life and through me.
    7. I accept the challenge to begin praying each day for our trip to Nicaragua.
    8. In order to win souls, we must have an understanding of Scripture. I commit to read at least 3-4 chapters of Scripture a day in preparation for our trip to Nicaragua.
    9. I have read and understood the above policy. I promise to forego my personal preferences in order to maintain unity and to avoid controversy in the body of Christ and commit to abide by the Bridge to Grace Ministries Code of Conduct.


Any repeated disregard for any of the above mentioned guidelines in the Code of Conduct will be grounds to be sent home immediately at your own expense.  If you are a minor, your parents will be contacted and then you will be sent home. 

If you understand it, answered yes and agree to Code of Conduct, then you are ready to take the next step.

I answered YES

Follow the link below to learn about next steps in the process of
serving with Bridge to Grace Ministries.


Not sure?

If you have any questions regarding the qualifications above, feel
free to ask us.



Bridge to Grace Ministries has been serving the
Jungles and remote corners of Nicaragua Since 2014