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We will be corresponding with you periodically to prepare you for what will be one of the most important missions that you will ever be part of. We believe that this mission trip to Nicaragua will impact your life powerfully and prepare you for the future.

We believe God is calling an army of students to assemble with a “call to the nations”. We are asking God for hundreds of high school and college students who are willing to accept the call of God to do something amazing for the Kingdom. Here is an opportunity to serve on short term, long term missions trip or even a lifetime for Missions . If you ever have had an interest in missions, or if you feel that God has given you a call to the nations, this trip is for you.

When yo’re ready, your next step is to complete Registration Form so we can get to know you better. If you have questions – about missions trips – feel free to ask.

Thank you .


Start here.

The Registration is the first step in applying to go on
Missions trip with BTGM. There’s no expectations
or obligations. The form simply gives us helpful
information to better serve you, and prepare
you for your Missions trip.

Got a question about our
Missions trips?

Cross-cultural ministry in Nicaragua can be a complex. 
 But we’ve been at it since 2014 and have learned a
few things along the way. From the very first “what if?”, “is it?”
to the specifics of going, we’ve got answers
for your questions.

Explore more or if
you are not sure?

Take the time you need to pray, seek God’s direction,
or just wait until the timing is right. In the
meanwhile, we invite you to stay connected to BTGM
and explore more about what it means to serve
in missions.
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Bridge to Grace Ministries has been serving the
Jungles and remote corners of Nicaragua Since 2014